Students (12+ as a rule of thumb)

At Kapiti Fitness we encourage students to participate in our programmes which introduce youth to a wide range of fitness activities which they likely will have never tried before. Being fit no longer has to be just about running or treadmill work but rather a wide array of exercises which work the entire body in a positive way. We do not have an absolute bottom age because every child has a different maturity level and ability to interact with adults. With the guidelines we have and our staff expertise it is absolutely safe for youth to lift weights and perform the fitness activities that we offer. Every class is instructed and all lifts (as much as possible) are monitored. If you are a younger person or a parent who is thinking of getting your child involved, please contact us for a chat or come along and watch a session.

A great place to start is our CrossFit Lite classes which introduce you to CrossFit type movements and get you comfortable with the environment. Our training programme is comprehensive and will supplement any sports or fitness pursuits. Not all youth want to do sport however they might be keen to work on their fitness and if they like it then CrossFit is also a sport.

KCP Physiotherapy (owns Kapiti Fitness) operates clinics at numerous sites including Paraparaumu College and Kapiti College. As part of advanced, accelerated or high performance rehab, the physio may organise sessions at the Kapiti Fitness site. Youth injuries often stem back to underlying biomechanical weaknesses which should be addressed as part of the injury management process. You can book here.



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