Try something new!

Have you tried CrossFit before? 

In essence, CrossFit at one end of the spectrum is a comprehensive training system. At the other end, it is a sport. You may have seen it on youtube, social media or watched the documentary "Fittest Men on Earth" which is on Netflix.  CrossFit is consistently varied, functional fitness, completed at high intensity. This means that every session is slightly different. You may only wish to show up a couple of times each week or come every day. The more often that you come along, obviously the more progress you can expect to have. While there are recommended resistances for exercises (for the super sporty) all exercises can be scaled to meet your personal fitness level. Commonly, people ask if they "need to be fit before they start coming". We tell them, "you get fit by coming". If you are unfit or completely new to CrossFit exercise then we highly recommend that you start out really slowly and build up the intensity over 2-3 months at a minimum. 

Take a moment to watch our video and see what a typical class looks like. Keep in mind that every time you come to class, the workout will be different which helps you keep you motivated. 

Cam DB Snatch
Lara Split Jerk
Rob TTB_vignette

Why Kiwi HIIT may be the right program for you!

We recommend HIIT as a good place to start if your intention is to increase your level of fitness and endurance. The sessions last 30-35 minutes and concentrate on lighter weights and more repetitions. Especially, if you are just about to start working out or do not want to lift heavy weights, HIIT is the right class for you. This class is based primarily around calorie burning while there are no technical and complex movements. Nevertheless, every single movement has an “easiest and hardest” scale option to meet your personal fitness level. 

Gina Plate Squat_Slider Size
Rach Plank_Slider Size
Rob Run HIIT