Halloween WOD

Join us at the Box on Wednesday 31 October, 5.30pm class for “WOD of the Walking Dead” – A halloween themed WOD with a wee get-together with your CrossFit pals at the end ??

Costumes are a must and there’ll be prizes for the best ones and originality. We’ll be working out in our costumes for added entertainment ?

Kiwi CrossFit

A typical CrossFit Class consists of three elements:


Strength and

the Workout Of the Day (WOD).

During the Warm-up, we make sure that we get our heart rate and blood circulation going. We want our whole body to be nicely warm and focus on the muscle groups that we are going to use during the Strength part and WOD especially.

The Strength part is characterized by fewer numbers of repetitions with a rather high weight. We focus on a specific movement that is essential for our performance during the following workout.

The WOD has no typical time frame or focus. It can contain any movement of our common exercises. In general, CrossFit includes 10 popular fitness areas: strength endurance, endurance, mobility, performance, strength, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and precision.

Lara & Craig Boxjumps

CrossFit Games Team Competition Series

This year, we registered 10 teams with the CrossFit Games Team Series which involves two people per team completing eight workouts over two weeks. It is focused on camaraderie and partnership. A lot of the workouts involves synchronization of movements which adds a layer of challenge.


For more information visit: CrossFit Games Team Series